God’s Grace is Sufficient to Transform

In Isaiah 43:1-7 God provides His reassurance to His people with 5 signposts of His grace.  Possession of them, presence with them, purchase of them, and promise to them.  All of these are grounded in and moving towards His purpose: the glory of God.  In all these...

Singing Christ’s Praise

We live in a world of competing ‘firsts’ that have forgotten to consider Jesus Christ. In this message from the book of Colossians we take a closer look at Jesus to study how Christ is first above all and what that means for our lives.

The Church at Sardis

We live in a time when people are making claims to once being believers and now no longer making that claim. The question that is often raised is, did that person walk away from a genuine faith or did they reveal the true nature of their heart?  The issue often can be...

Who is Jesus?

Why should anyone believe, let alone, worship Jesus Christ? In the biblical account of Jesus walking on the water, we discover the answer to this question and how it completely changes our life.

Dealing with the Devil’s Devices

To be a Christian is to be engaged in a war with the spiritual forces of Satan. But how are we to claim the victory and triumph over our enemy that is promised and attained by Christ? God has provided the armour that gives us all we need to defend ourselves against...