Stories of Christ in the Bible

What do the stories of the Bible have to teach us? In this message we look at two familiar stories from the Old Testament to discover that they have more to teach us than we ever thought.

Further Sightings of Christ in the Bible

The Bible is full of examples that God intentionally designed to point us to Jesus. In this sermon we examine some of those examples and discover how every believer is to live in such a way that we reflect Christ.  

A Royal Welcome

This Sunday we reflect on the Triumphal Entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, recorded by Matthew. It is a grand celebration, and yet under the surface, there are some troubling misunderstandings of who Jesus is, and what He came to do. As a result, this celebration...

Our Servant King

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, with authority over all peoples, all times, and all places to command them as He pleases, and rules them as He wills. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord. However, He also came to earth in humility: in one...

Who’s Church is it anyway?

The Church has a long history of trying to figure out who is to guide it.  Often the church has done it right, at other times they have not.  When we understand who is the head of the church we experience how wonderful it is to be the church.  In this study, we look...