Introduction to the Book of Ecclesiastes

Why do we find a book like Ecclesiastes in the Bible?  What is the purpose of what seems like such a dismal and cynical writing?  In this introductory message to the book of Ecclesiastes, we come to discover the wonderful benefit for our lives that comes from studying...

Do you know Him

Knowing Christ is the greatest thing anyone of us could experience. In this message we look closer at who Jesus Christ is, and how this helps us to live a life to the fullest for Christ’s glory.  

The Prayer You Never Knew You Needed

Perhaps we have read this prayer before in Ephesians, but the question is, why is the author so urgent that these three facts about the Christian be more deeply known by the church? And how do they contribute to the everyday life of the Christian?  

God’s Great Plan

Not only did God design a plan to bring salvation to people, we know through Jesus Christ He implemented that plan and now we look forward to the future outcome of it. Believers should know confident hope, looking forward to an unbelievable inheritance and have great...

Gospel Powered Joy

In psalm 60, we a man deeply distressed by his circumstances, yet simultaneously expressing a confidence in his Creator. How can we prepare our hearts to respond with similar confidence to the storms of life? Psalm 60 has help for us all. Key verse(s): Psalm 60...