Instructions For The Church

The life of the local church is found in their priority to pray for one another.  In this message we discover how Paul encourages believers to pray for its leaders and in turn, how their leaders are to respond.

Expectant Living

Christ could return at any time and will he find us ready?  In this message we take a closer look at how we should live considering Christ’s imminent return.

The Church at Thyatira

When is our willingness to compromise a good thing and when is it detrimental to our faith?  The answer to this question is as needed today as it was in the day when the church in Thyratira existed.  We face constant pressure to bend on our Christian values in a world...

The Church At Pergamum

How willing are we to stand for what is right while living in a world that tells us that everything we believe is wrong? The ancient church in Pergamum faced the pressure to conform in a society that had little room for Christianity.  Their faithfulness and failure...

Support for Wisdom to thrive in life

Whether we always feel we can admit it or not, all of us need help at times to know how to do life. Proverbs not only helps us, but provides wisdom to know how to thrive as Christians even now. With practical and sound truths, this message gives guidance that assures...