Resuming Restoration (Part 2)

The efforts to rebuild the Temple have undergone a number of ups and downs, starts and stops. But with the favor of King Darius, the people of God can complete their calling. As we study this passage, we learn a number of lessons about God’s providence, our...

Restoration Set-backs

Ezra chapter three ends with celebration as the people of God restore the foundation of the Temple.  But soon after, progress is replaced with discouragement as they are hindered from worshiping God. In our study of Ezra chapter 4 we take a closer look at its message...

Instructions For The Church

The life of the local church is found in their priority to pray for one another.  In this message we discover how Paul encourages believers to pray for its leaders and in turn, how their leaders are to respond.

Expectant Living

Christ could return at any time and will he find us ready?  In this message we take a closer look at how we should live considering Christ’s imminent return.

The Church at Thyatira

When is our willingness to compromise a good thing and when is it detrimental to our faith?  The answer to this question is as needed today as it was in the day when the church in Thyratira existed.  We face constant pressure to bend on our Christian values in a world...