I have a Question… No 7

In this message where we answer questions from our congregation, we will tackle the issues of Dispensationalism, Covenantal Theology and the idea that the church has replaced Israel in God’s redemptive plan

Community Restoration Completed

The long spiritual and physical journey of the exiles of Israel that is recorded in the book of Ezra is concluded as the people address their sin with humble repentance. In this final chapter of the book, we are provided with a number of lessons that help us to find...

Fighting to Gather Together

In this last sermon of this series, we bring all the teaching of the previous five weeks together in a call for each of us to fight to gather together.  This message provides practical ways to care for each other so that we embrace and enjoy being the church...

Struggling to Gather

There are times for every believer when they may struggle to gather together with the church. In this sermon we take a closer look at the reasons we give for not gathering and how we might reconcile those with what God calls us to do.

The Purposeful Church

The Christian life consists of pursuing God-given goals that draw us away from the values of our society and give us deep satisfaction. The fulfillment of these purposes is intricately connected to gathering together as the church. In this message we take a closer...