The Marvel of Emmanuel

The idea that God would dwell among His creation is astonishing.  In this message we take a closer look at what this means and how it dramatically effects our lives.

Christmas Glory

We often have ourselves occupied with many wonderful things at Christmas.  We are excited about gathering with friends and family, sitting down for that special meal, celebrating with other believers, and opening gifts.  What we often do not consider is the ultimate...

The Effects of God’s Affection

The most remarkable expression of love that could ever have been given to this world was God sending His one and only Son to this earth as a baby.  This remarkable event which we celebrate each year has had remarkable effects. In this message we look at how Christmas...

Is Christmas Kris Kringle or Christ?

Santa is a huge part of the celebration of Christmas for many, but should it be? In this message we look to restore the true meaning of Christmas and how the gift of Jesus being with us, is dramatically more important than anything else.  

Stories of Christ in the Bible

What do the stories of the Bible have to teach us? In this message we look at two familiar stories from the Old Testament to discover that they have more to teach us than we ever thought.