The Command to Unite

Most of us agree that unity is a good thing. But somehow, we find ourselves quite short of what Jesus prays for: that we would be one as He and the Father are one. What stops us from being united as a people, and how can we overcome those things?  

A House of True Hope

Enjoying Christmas traditions that are not explicitly Christian may not be a big deal. However, we can lose a priceless opportunity if we are not careful. Listen and see why and how we must remain focused on our true hope this Christmas.  

Wisdom for our Speech

How do we decide when it is okay to stretch the truth, or share a little gossip, or plug our ears to good advice? How do we decide how seriously to take this behaviour? Many of us decide based on what we perceive to be the consequences of our transgression. But what...

Support for Wisdom to thrive in life

Whether we always feel we can admit it or not, all of us need help at times to know how to do life. Proverbs not only helps us, but provides wisdom to know how to thrive as Christians even now. With practical and sound truths, this message gives guidance that assures...

Victory through Prayer

Paul ends his discussion about spiritual warfare with perhaps the clearest, and most powerful weapon of all: prayer. But many of us struggle to pray as we ought. In this message we look at what faithful, biblical prayer looks like, along with some help in growing our...