Biblical Love in Action

In the final greeting to the Colossians, the reader has the rare opportunity to look over the shoulder of Paul (and his fellow workers), to get a vivid picture of what it looks like to deeply love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. By God’s grace, as...

The Christian Home: Parents and Children

Children obeying parents; parents encouraging their children. These seem like relatively innocuous instructions for in-home harmony. But what if they are much more? What if they are sign posts that point to the goal of the entire material universe and the purpose of...

The Command to Unite

Most of us agree that unity is a good thing. But somehow, we find ourselves quite short of what Jesus prays for: that we would be one as He and the Father are one. What stops us from being united as a people, and how can we overcome those things?  

A House of True Hope

Enjoying Christmas traditions that are not explicitly Christian may not be a big deal. However, we can lose a priceless opportunity if we are not careful. Listen and see why and how we must remain focused on our true hope this Christmas.