Pleasing God

In the second half of Paul’s opening prayer he outlines what it is to live as a Christian with the goal of pleasing God. In these verses we discover what prayer provides in order to walk worthy of the Lord.

Celebrating the Gospel

The introduction and first part of Paul’s prayer expresses how important it is for every Christian to celebrate the Gospel.

Instructions For The Church

The life of the local church is found in their priority to pray for one another.  In this message we discover how Paul encourages believers to pray for its leaders and in turn, how their leaders are to respond.

Words To Live By

Every person is guided by a set of principles that influence their choices. For Believers in Jesus Christ, they are to be guided by the words of Scripture that instruct us how to love God and love one another.  In this message we take up some of the final words of...

Victory through Prayer

Paul ends his discussion about spiritual warfare with perhaps the clearest, and most powerful weapon of all: prayer. But many of us struggle to pray as we ought. In this message we look at what faithful, biblical prayer looks like, along with some help in growing our...