Our Proper Perspective: Our Whole Duty

At the conclusion of Solomon’s adventure into all things vanity, he describes what he has discovered.  He notes that at the end of everything there is a duty that each of us must commit to in order to experience the fullness of life, and the joy that is meant...
Commands of the Cross

Commands of the Cross

Jesus Christ willingly entered into the world in order to provide salvation through his sacrificial work upon the cross, as he atoned for the sins of all those he would call to himself.  Not only did he secure our salvation in his perfect sacrifice, his obedience that...

The Leadership of God

From creation to the present day, God has been leading the world He created and the people He has saved from their sins. In this first message about biblical leadership, we begin by learning about the leadership of God and how we as His followers are to respond to his...

Finding Your Flourishing Faith

The Christian faith that flourishes is produced as God empowers each believer to live a dedicated life to Him. In this message from Proverbs two, Solomon shows us how to find life, protection and blessing through being attentive to wisdom.  

Working Expectations

The Word of God does not neglect some of the very fundamental issues of daily living. In this message we look at work and what the Bible has to say about being under the authority of another person or being an authority over another person.