Are You Looking For Hope?

This life offers us many different kinds of sorrow. None is more deeply felt than the sorrow of death.  How do we retain hope in the midst of such despair that accompanies death, how do we cope with suffering in this world?  Paul takes up this important issue as he...

The Meaninglessness of Wisdom

The human mind is capable of attaining knowledge and applying it in ways that have made life better for everyone.  But with all of its ingenuity, all its ability to innovate and imagine, it still has not been able to provide the answers to the greater and most...

Introduction to the Book of Ecclesiastes

Why do we find a book like Ecclesiastes in the Bible?  What is the purpose of what seems like such a dismal and cynical writing?  In this introductory message to the book of Ecclesiastes, we come to discover the wonderful benefit for our lives that comes from studying...

Do you know Him

Knowing Christ is the greatest thing anyone of us could experience. In this message we look closer at who Jesus Christ is, and how this helps us to live a life to the fullest for Christ’s glory.  

The Prayer You Never Knew You Needed

Perhaps we have read this prayer before in Ephesians, but the question is, why is the author so urgent that these three facts about the Christian be more deeply known by the church? And how do they contribute to the everyday life of the Christian?