The Command to Love

On Easter Sunday we celebrate that our savior, Jesus Christ has risen from the dead!  He was willing to sacrifice himself as the most incredible act of love and it is in his resurrection that we also see the same.  As we look at John 15, we discover how the cross...
Commands of the Cross

Commands of the Cross

Jesus Christ willingly entered into the world in order to provide salvation through his sacrificial work upon the cross, as he atoned for the sins of all those he would call to himself.  Not only did he secure our salvation in his perfect sacrifice, his obedience that...

Truly Alive

Easter is the day that we celebrate Christ defeating the power of death and sin. But what does that mean for the person who believes in Jesus Christ? In this Easter message we look to the pages of the Bible to see the true power of the resurrection of Christ.

Easter Services 2017

Easter is the most important session of the Christian calendar.  Join us during Lent and for Good Friday and Sunday services.