Embracing Christ as First

It is one thing for Christians to say that Jesus Christ is first in their lives, but it is a very different matter to live it out.  In this sermon, we take a closer look at Paul’s life as he shares about himself in order to see a number of different ways that...

Singing Christ’s Praise

We live in a world of competing ‘firsts’ that have forgotten to consider Jesus Christ. In this message from the book of Colossians we take a closer look at Jesus to study how Christ is first above all and what that means for our lives.

Pleasing God

In the second half of Paul’s opening prayer he outlines what it is to live as a Christian with the goal of pleasing God. In these verses we discover what prayer provides in order to walk worthy of the Lord.

Celebrating the Gospel

The introduction and first part of Paul’s prayer expresses how important it is for every Christian to celebrate the Gospel.

Fighting to Gather Together

In this last sermon of this series, we bring all the teaching of the previous five weeks together in a call for each of us to fight to gather together.  This message provides practical ways to care for each other so that we embrace and enjoy being the church...