Sermon Series: Ecclesiastes: Finding Life Through Despair

The writer of Ecclesiastes says that this life is meaningless and not much more substantial than a vapour or fog.  Can life be found in such pessismism?  In this series on the book of Ecclesiastes we find that there is abundant meaning for our lives in a meaningless world.

Introduction to the Book of Ecclesiastes

Why do we find a book like Ecclesiastes in the Bible?  What is the purpose of what seems like such a dismal and cynical writing?  In this introductory message to the book of Ecclesiastes, we come to discover the wonderful benefit for our lives that comes from studying...

The Facts of Life

There are certain things in life that we would consider facts of life.  The need of money to buy our groceries and pay our bills, the value of a good education and that gravity holds us firmly to this earth.  The writer of Eccesiastes would add a few others.  He...

The Meaninglessness of Loot & Leisure

What is the significance in our society of money, possessions and pleasure?  If we do a careful evaluation of our world we find that these three things are primary motivators for much of what we do.  Is this true among Christians as well, or would we say otherwise? ...

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