Sermon Series: Non Series Messages / Standalone Messages

A collection of messages that were not part of a message series.

Easter Services 2017

Easter is the most important session of the Christian calendar.  Join us during Lent and for Good Friday and Sunday services.

Calling All Disciples (Part 1)

As Jesus began His earthly ministry, He chose twelve men to accompany Him. Besides Judas Iscariot, each of them went on to serve Christ faithfully, giving their lives completely in order to spread the Gospel and build the Church.  But they did not begin this way.  In...

Calling All Disciples (Part 2)

God calls all believers in Jesus Christ to be part of building His Kingdom.  This ministry is a balance between sharing the Gospel and helping other believers to grow in their faith.  This calling from God comes with its challenges, but as the Bible points out, every...

The Most Glorious Change

We rarely think of death as something positive, but when it comes to what Jesus accomplished in his death and resurrection on the cross, it certainly was the most glorious act imaginable.  As part of our Baptism Sunday, this message looks to the book of Romans to...

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