We are excited about our changes this Fall! Below are the details of what to expect on a typical Sunday morning starting September 8, 2019.

9:00am – Coffee & Beverages ready. ☕️

9:15am – Sunday School: ages 5-105 begin.

10:15am – End of classes, transition to service.

10:30am – Worship Service begins.

11:45am to noon – Service ends.

  • There will be child care for children 4 and under during the sermon.
  • No classes for children Kindergarten and up during the service.
  • There will be pre-service child care for children 4 and under for their caregivers that will be attending the Adult Educational classes.
  • Three Foundations Bible Studies will be offered during the Sunday School hour:
    • 1 Peter Study(Ladies only)
    • Christian Ethics in Our Changing World
    • Discovering our Doctrinal Beliefs